Hello, welcome to your Brand Healthcheck

Your brand is how you are known to your customers. It helps communicate your core identity, and makes your business process and customer acquisition smooth like butter. How is your brand health?

Use the questionnaire below to prompt your thinking. Fill in your details at the bottom and I’ll be happy to meet for a free brand advice session. 

Is your current brand simplifying your business by making your customer communication and aquisition processes smooth? *
Does your brand immediately communicate your vision, values, and product, so that your customer finds it easy to buy from you? *
Does your current brand regularly get compliments for clarity, simplicity, and excellence? *
Are your employees proud of, motivated, and inspired by your visual identity? *
Is your branding consistent and coherent across all brand touchpoints? *
Is your website adding value to your customer’s journey? *
Are you able to make marketing material quickly because you know your brand voice at the drop of a hat? *
Is your brand a key factor in charging premium prices, making it clear to customers that you are the stand out company in your field? *
Does your current design inspire confidence and loyalty in customers? *
Do you know the financial impact that a quality brand could have on your business?
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