Hello Katie, let’s refine further...


I’m excited that we have selected a business name. What I’d like to do now is refine your vision statement and value proposition further so that all the assets that we create reinforce this central aim, and have a clear, consistent language and visual appeal. This will give me the central focus that I will build the visual materials from.

This is a collaborative process, as ultimately, it matters that it makes sense to you - that the statements inspire, excite, and encourage you in your work, while providing structure and focus. Below I have written a draft vision statement, positioning statement, and potential tag-lines.

At the end of this page is a form where you can submit your thoughts. You can also reply via email. Our aim from this is to get a working vision statement and value proposition. The tag-lines can remain flexible, and are simply a useful placeholder. They are not critical.



In your feedback questionnaire, you stated that your ‘why’ was to make the internet a better place. However, I sensed the most passion in the earlier story about the Scout Jamboree - having ‘complete control’ and ‘clear goals’. The perhaps also resonates in the ‘Queen of the Internet’ phrase. You also have a clear passion to be in a training role. A vision statement helps remind us why we are in business, and what we are passionate about delivering for clients.

So, for you. I sense that this is a possible vision statement:

Katie Goudie (The Whin) envisions a world where businesses have clear goals and complete control over their digital content.

Your broader ‘why’ is the goal that you share with your client and others

Katie Goudie (The Whin) is committed to the shared goal of a better digital world through clear, accessible content. 

If you would like to think further about your vision, you can very simply imagine what the future would look like with The Whin operating at full capacity. Who would benefit? What would be better about the world?


Positioning statement/Value Proposition


This positioning statement is made up of the following components. 1. Your company 2. your target market (It seems you need to refine your target market further) 3. Your relevant value proposition/differentiator, and 4. How you back this up. 

The Whin is the digital marketing consultancy that, more than any other consultancy, helps business owners have clear focus and complete control regarding their digital content strategy. It does this through providing digital content cafe's, a website set-up service, and a digital content consultancy.

A good guide for developing a positioning statement is available here: https://milesherndon.com/blog/how-to-write-a-brand-positioning-statement


Potential Taglines


I will use these simply as a guide for the visuals we create.

  • Become a digital winner
  • Conquer your content
  • Be a digital winner
  • Making digital winners

Your thoughts