Why = purpose, belief, cause.

Life is about meaning and purpose as well as bread. Meaning is a greater motivator than money? Work is the search for meaning as well as bread.

Firms of endearment outperformed by 1683% - a self-transcending purpose works.

Purpose = identity = continuity

Not your differentiator.

Why gives an ethical compass

Life’s Why

You have an ultimate why. The why of your existence. It is a self-transcending purpose. That is, a reason for your being that is more than self-fulfilment. It is for another. There is evidence that a self-transcending purpose yields happiness. Self-fulfillment only doesn’t. People yearn for purpose. People believe things. This drives them. People respond to purpose. They get behind it. They are motivated by it.

My ultimate why is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. That is, it is to be in his presence, reflect his glory, and share life with him. It is to be in unity with him. Unity with God also means unity with other human beings. It means true and fulfilling relationships with people.

If Life’s why was different, what would it mean for business’s why? 

Business’s Why

Within this context, what is the purpose of business? Paul worked. Business helps us provide for one another. It is a mechanism for creating wealth and sharing it. It also provides a practical way of exercising purpose - a way of loving others, of serving others, and providing for ourselves. Humans are body and soul. Business helps provide for the body. Is the providing for ourselves aspect dominant? Is it possible to give this a fair space without it being an overriding factor? Is the other-serving aspect of business simply a disguise for it’s self serving nature? Paul says we should provide for ourselves and our family. A consequence of the fall is that we have to toil.

My Business Why

Personal goals - money (what for?), time (what for?), fun/happiness/fulfillment.

Other goal/foundation - 1. Joint Mission (let’s create a more beautiful world. 'I have a dream'), 2. Customer-centric (I want to help you excel) 3. I believe (that good design equips, encourages and inspires - in this one, the goal is inspiration, encouragement, and equipping. The belief is in the method towards the goal.). 




Task 1.

  1. What are your values?
  2. Who do you want to emulate?
  3. If your business ended, what would you like to be remembered for?
  4. What are your business goals?
  5. Assemble into a purpose statement.
  6. Try it on. Does it fit?

1. Clarity. Beauty. Truthfulness. Excellence. Love.
2. Martin Baillie - clear, beautiful design. Simple | Ed Watts - industry leader | Whitespace - clean, simple design. | Jesus - knew his purpose, loved people.

3. Beautiful design. Excellence in what I did. Going beyond others in skill. Genuineness as a person.

4. To become a respected, go-to professional for beautiful and excellent design. To achieve an income of £40,000 plus. To create fabulous design.


Andy Johnston is passionate about beauty and clarity obtained through design, that inspires, equips, and encourages.

I believe that good design helps inspire, equip, and communicate.

I am passionate about design that helps inspire, equip, and communicate.

I am passionate about design that inspires, equips, and communicates meaning simply and clearly.

I am passionate about internal and external clarity & beauty in business and life. I care about creating inspirational businesses that serve employees, owners, and customers. I want to help businesses to create real value.

I am a tailor who makes sure the suit fits like a dream.

Inspire, facilitate, liberate, more efficient, improve, increase confidence, create value

To promote excellence, encourage, equip, and inspire

Equip businesses, inspire individuals, communicate effectively.

To make all things clearer, more efficient & beautiful.

Beauty impacts.

Help businesses clarify purpose and express it clearly.

Simple processes, complex ideas distilled, essence, refinement, improving. Clutter removed. Relaxed, easy, purposeful. I want to make your business life smoother.

Clarity. Beauty. Excellence.

Gain clarity. Add beauty. Pursue excellence.

I believe good design equips, improves and inspires.

  1. Why does my business exist?
  2. Who am I as a company? What do I believe?
  3. Why does your organisations existence matter?
  4. What is your most important reason for being here?
  5. What would happen if you didn’t exist?
  6. Why would someone use my services?

Task 2.

Write down the verbs related to your why, how, and nouns under what.

Task 3. 

  • What makes you come alive?
  • What are your innate strengths?
  • Where do you add greatest value?
  • How will you measure your life?

Task 4.

Strength survey